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Suchi Rolls: A Culinary Crossroads of Mexico and Japan

a plate with TEMPURA SKIRT STEAK LIME PESTO ROLL and side of soy sauce

Food is migratory. 

When people immigrate and bring with them their tastes from home; a trade takes place. Can’t find soppraseta in your new home of New York City? Replace it with cuts from your local butcher, experiment with new spices, slap it on a pizza & you have pepperoni. Say you recently moved from Seoul to Los Angeles; you notice the food is saltier- and that’s not even starting to talk about tteokbokki carbonara or some truly fusion plates. Do you like salsa macha, ramen, country ham, or burgers? Then you’ve already taken the red pill. 


Some say this is the result of Japanese immigration to Mexico for the coffee industry to Chiapas and later Sinaloa & Baja California. Some say it was spontaneously created in the early 2000s by Culichi chef, Ronald Guerrero, after a customer requested “something different”. Either way, suchi is one of the most fascinating “fusion” concepts out there. 

Resembling what most people think of sushi in only it’s most basic principle: a rice and seaweed roll; suchi is full on Mexican. Tons of bold flavors. Lime, steak, avocado, shrimp, cream cheese, cilantro, Valentina. It almost seems like there are no rules. 

Here’s a recipe for 2 unique and very delicious suchi rolls featuring ONIMA Far Below salsa negra. This was home cooking so no strict measurements were taken. (use the force)

P.S. sushi isn’t even Japanese.




Sushi nori

Cooked and cooled rice seasoned with sushi vinegar

Skirt steak

Red bell peppers sliced

Tempura batter 

Frying oil

Shredded mozzarella cheese

Canned jalapeño

Marinade: (blend)

Orange juice

Soy sauce


Far below

Baking soda



Cilantro pesto: (blend)

Bunch cilantro


Lime juice

Olive oil


White pepper 


  1. Marinade the steak for a few hours
  2. Sear it on medium high until you get a good crust and cooked to medium rare
  3. Cover a sheet of nori in seasoned rice
  4. Invert the nori
  5. Fill with sliced steak, seared peppers, cheese
  6. Roll the roll
  7. Dip in tempura batter
  8. Fry at 176C/350F until crispy and golden 
  9. Slice, dress with pesto, and more Far Below hot sauce







Cream cheese

Chipotle mayo: (blend)


Chipotle in adobo 


  1. Mix surimi with chipotle mayo

  2. Cover nori with seasoned rice

  3. Invert nori

  4. Swipe with cream cheese

  5. Fill with surimi, cucumber, any additional toppings

  6. Roll the roll

  7. Roll the roll in crushed takis

  8. Dress with more chipotle mayo and Far Below hot sauce