SERPS ONIMA cider hot sauce collaboration



Our first collaboration with Serps Sidra hailing from Celrà.

It all started with apples. Fermenting the pressings with a scoby as if it were kombucha acidified the apple juice and turned it into a sweet licor to stand on its own. But that isn't enough.

Número màgic is a mulled cider of apples, mandarin, winter spices, and habanero. Bottled young and still for warming in your kitchen this winter or to be saved until sparkling.

ONIMA NOYADE peach bourbon hot sauce


“Noided” as defined by urban dictionary: “a persistent sense of paranoia, stay noided is a common usage meaning to stay in a constant ‘noided’ state of mind so as to avoid detection when performing illegal activities, usually used when two people are departing.”

“Noyau” as defined by wikipedia: “a french liqueur made at poissy in north central france from brandy and flavoured with almonds and the pits of apricots.“

Noyade is a careful construction of the best flat peaches we could find, blanched to preserve their natural color, the skins removed to infuse kombucha, and their pits crushed to macerate with ethanol for a noyaux infusion. Bourbon vinegar for charred oak, sumac for an easy tartness, and yellow habanero for just the slightest touch of heat.

GABRA: ONIMA hot sauce


Sangria hot sauce. Late season fruits macerated in sangria + red habanero. Blended fresh with lactose.

World's first milkshake hot sauce?

Sindiacha watermelon sri racha


w/ garum

We did not make a sriracha-style sauce. Síndiacha is purely influenced from the stories of regional variants and the relative flavor profiles that tie them together. The only ingredient in síndiacha that is arguably thai in origin is the rawit chili, also known as thai chili or bird’s eye chili. All of the other ingredients are just mediterranean but adjacent in concept to the sriracha everyone loves.

After fermenting the rawit, dosing heavily with anchovy garum, sherry vinegar, and brown sugar; the sauce needed some lift from the darkness. Watermelons were at peak season and it only made sense to puree their flesh for a sweet, fresh boost to an otherwise dank sauce. A little lime juice later and we arrived at what is a bright, savory, sweet, not-sriracha. Use it wherever you would use sriracha.

ONIMA calçot hot sauce


Calçots are cooked on roof tiles over a charcoal vine barbecue, and ooze a milky sweat. Hunks of lamb and botifarras are roasted after the calçots have been removed from the embers. Messily peeled, the charred outer leaves make everybodyʼs hands filthy while the long slim white firm fleshy phallic vegetables are dipped by increasingly frenzied revellers in a delicious orange romesco-style almond and hazelnut sauce to then be lowered into the mouth in a manner reminiscent of the fall of the roman empire at its most decadent and depraved.

The action of engulfing a crunchy calçot is undeniably sensuous, and with the accompaniment of gallons of red wine drunk from porrons, these occasions tend to degenerate rapidly into unseemly dionysian orgies. Participants, finding themselves farting, calçotades are usually held in olive groves, hidden from the eyes of puritanical onlookers. Catalans at a calçotada indulge their collective madness and hilarity. By the time the cooked meats have been consumed, followed licors, the feasters are sated. Great fun and highly recommended.

ONIMA kiwi hot sauce


Kiwis in Spain? Yep.

A playful dance between two partners: a gentle cardamom cake with your morning tea and being shoved into witness protection. Keep your epipen cap half cocked because the orchard honey that is so sweet can come with a price. Have you ever noticed that olive oil is kind of aggressive?

ONIMA thrum furl scorpion hot sauce


Trhurm (verb): to make a continuous low sound
Furl (verb): to tie tightly; to bind
ONIMA sun yoked ghost pepper bhut jolokia hot sauce


In the vast expanse of the morning horizon, the sun yoked itself to the waking world, casting a warm, unbreakable bond of light that whispered promises of a new day's journey.

ONIMA BIBO carolina reaper and coffee hot sauce


BURN IN, BURN OUT: Coffee edition

Carolina reaper co-fermented with rwandan coffee roasted by Nomad Coffee.
ONIMA kumquat hot sauce


The test begins. Now.

ONIMA beet hot sauce


Outsideʼs over. Everything is on fire. Is 68 too low for the ac? My nose is developing an ocolus rash and the headband is getting loose. God damn it, my acai bowl is here but I canʼt pause the simulator. Alexa, get the door!

The only things allowed outside are the guy delivering my lunch and the people that fix things. And as long as they keep the wifi running, we are good.

Mild habanero hot sauce with fresh flavors


The first step in birthing malson is to evaluate the carrot. Carrots are nearly 50% of malson, so choosing great ones are important. To treat them right, they are pulverized with salt and left to rest alongside a narrow lane of spices for about a month.

The spices are a bed of aromatic flowers, seeds, and roots. Caraway, fennel, carom, asafoetida, and cumin, accented with bright ginger and lemon, add full flavor to a touch of yellow habanero heat.

Spicy red hot sauce with bold flavors


Cry baby explores the thresholds of pain and pleasure. Bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) hailing from assam is the culprit behind your tears. This jolokia is the active ingredient in north india's aerosolized anti-terrorist weapon of choice. Naturally, it is important to play with fire.

The sun shines bright on extremadura to give us the beautiful tomato base to act as a rich canvas for an unusually particular blend of 21 spices in cry baby. While the exact blend is insider knowledge, those familiar with certain curry dishes will be able to pick up on a few bits here and there.

Designed for cooking over the fire, an extra depth was needed to support the massively bold flavors already present. Kombu from the galician coast is macerated in kombucha to add one more layer.